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JJ Hurtak and the Keys of Enoch

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Dr JJ Hurtak is a futurist, social scientist and author. His book The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch has been translated into over 15 languages.

It was published in the early 1970s and came as a result of a visitation he said he experienced with a spiritual entity called Enoch who spoke about the unusual relationship of star shafts in the Great Pyramid with the Belt of Orion, among other things.

The former university professor works with his wife Desiree, a social scientist and public policy expert.

Together, the couple are founders of The Academy for Future Science, an international organisation that works to bring an understanding of the science and consciousness of the multi-universe in which we live.

They also work closely with indigenous people including those of the Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa and the Xavante Indians of Brazil and were consultations for Sidney Sheldon’s book Doomsday Conspiracy.

The couple visited New Zealand in December 2009.

Please talk about your work researching ancient civilisations?

Our archaeological work has focused on Egypt, the Mayan culture and South America. We just returned from South America and visited one of the oldest human artefacts in South America in the area of Monte Verde.

The Clovis model for migration southward from Alaska is now being seriously challenged! According to our research and information from The Keys of Enoch, there was also a southern migration across the Pacific. This was more easily accomplished because geologists have concluded that ocean levels were much lower 14,000 years ago. This would make it easier for the migration of Asian peoples across the Pacific.

There seems to have bee a second wave of migration in the area of Yonaguni, Japan from more advanced peoples that came across the Pacific land bridges from the Asian continent to South America.

They had a sophisticated knowledge of complex stone masonry, as can be seen in the region of Tiahuanaco, Bolivia, controversially dated as early as 14,000 years ago.

According to The Keys of Enoch there was an ancient culture that lived in Central Asia at one time. This was an advanced culture that, when climate change took place, most likely moved their civilisation to both South America and the Near East, including Egypt.

This might have been the beginning of pyramid cultures throughout the world.

What can they show us about life today?

One of the important determinations for modern archaeologists is the finding that sophisticated cultures, such as the Mayans, were almost eliminated due to climate change.

We know that, at one time, the Classic Mayan culture (c.250-900AD) probably lived in over 40 cities, each with a population of about 20,000 people, with some cities housing up to 50,000 people or, as in Tikal, about 100,000 inhabitants.

This means that the Mayans were about one million inhabitants and lived in a population density equal to that of Los Angeles today. Their culture built very sophisticated networks of hydraulic canals to transport underground water over great distances in dense jungles.  However, something changed!

Now archaeologists believe that was due perhaps to over 100 years of severe drought that interrupted the agricultural needs for such an advanced civilisation.

Can you talk about archeoastronomy?

Almost all the massive structures built by the ancient architects in Asia, Egypt and to the Americas were not only mathematical wonders, but a key part of their designs was also to show stellar, solar and lunar alignments.

Of course, most archaeologists will tell you that they were designed for agricultural planning, but The Keys of Enoch describes for us that the ancients were trying to indicate their own ancestral, stellar heritage being associated with certain star point in the heavens.

The Keys of Enough points out why Orion, Alpha Draconis, Sirius, Ursa Minor and Ursa Major are important for understanding our greater cosmology.

Was Lemuria real?

Rather than Lemuria, we more specifically talk about the continent of Mu. In a documentary `The Temple of Mu’ we showed that Mu was not in the centre of the Pacific Ocean, but was most likely along the Eastern coast of the Asian continent and existed at a time before sea-level rise.

This area covered populations from Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia and Burma and was about twice the land mass of India.

Scientists – like those at the Scripps Research Institute in California – know that after the last ice age came to an end, the water levels rose perhaps 50 to 200 metres. In our research, this sea-level rise wiped out much of coastal civilisation, forcing people from their homelands and leaving civilisations decimated.

Why don’t we know more about these people? Legends do live on, but not facts. We lack real knowledge of civilisations that existed 4000-8000 years ago and nothing of cultures that go back as much as 24,000 or 36,000 years.

What have 35 years as researchers of extraterrestrials shown you?

That there are many types of ET civilisations that have and are making contact with humans on earth. Some are here to help, some to do their own medical homework, and a few are using us to benefit themselves.

Our California colleague, Dr Robert Leir, is one of the few individuals who can definitely state that abductions have been taking place – he has withdrawn small implants from people who have claimed to have been physically taken onboard spacecraft.

We are most excited about the level of world government disclosure that is beginning to take place. In recent times, that has involved the governments of Brazil, Denmark, France and now the British government, the latter in coordination with ex-Ministry of Defence, Nick Pope.

We believe this is occurring because more sightings are taking place worldwide and the presence of ETs can no longer be denied.

We know from our own personal experiences that our future will involved ET contact and what we call UT (Ultraterrestrial) encounters as well – non-physical entities, including angelic-type cosmic cultures.

What is the meaning of crop circles?

Last year we visited England and spent time in the Barbury Castle crop circle that first appeared in June 2008. The fascinating detail about this 150 foot crop circle is that it spelled out PI. Specifically, the 3.14 ... to 9 decimals places with the three dots at the end.

After talking to the great British mathematician Gerald Hawkins back in the 1990s, we can say that they, the `cosmic others’, do represent a mathematical message that appears to be a form of communication being shared with us for our advancement.

One we often show in our lectures is an exact geometry that is in The Keys of Enoch, Desiree drew back in the 1970s.

If you put the two images together: the one from The Keys and the plate called The Forces of Light Modelling Biochemical Evolution (Key 314) and the other from the crop  circle image from July 2000 on Knoll Down near Avebury Trusloe, Wiltshire, the two are the same.

So we strongly feel that the message is both sophisticated and advanced in terms of mathematical geometries that are telling us about the mathematics hidden within our life space that will ultimately reveal a greater `Implicate Order’ behind all creation.

What is the parallel evolution that humanity is connected to?

The cosmology of The Keys of Enoch tells us that we did not evolve from primitive life forms on earth, but from a higher vibratory information code of Light. There is a higher mathematics of entropy control throughout the universe and we are from this Divine Design.

Our present DNA is part of the `Divine Code’ that can take us into the higher dimensions as Christ showed where every molecule is transformed back into Light.

There is a big focus on 2012?

Technically there is no evidence for any end of world reality from one linear time-based calendar.

The Mayan `Long count’ calendar only stars at dated at around mid-August 3114 BCE and the world is much older than that.

On this continent alone, cultures and civilisations we are finding have been around for at least 15,000-33,000 years and primitive man as much as 800,000 years, so why worry about one of many calendars the Mayans used that only started less than 5000 years ago?

There are some unique alignments our planet will be passing through in relationship to the greater Milky Way around December 2012, but we have done this before and it wasn’t the end of the world.

Does New Zealand have a special role to play in coming times?

There are two places in The Keys of Enoch that pin-point the area around New Zealand. One is the longitude line 165 degree 57 minutes east and runs just off the coast of New Zealand in the area of Fiordland Park.

This map has shown where ancient civilisations and artefacts in the Pacific have been encoded within the previous planetary cycles.

The other is the area of the `Natural Time Warp areas’ used by the Higher Intelligence, and although this is also in the ocean area, you are the closest land mass.

All this encourages a higher consciousness within the people in the surrounding area.

Story: Kimberley Paterson


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